You can be a Tree Protector and save seedling trees when they are in harm’s way.


Damage of Clear Cutting on Remaining Trees

Clearing a piece of land–even for a purpose such as building a house–isn’t just about the loss of the living trees that are cut down, although that is very sad.

Surrounding trees may be damaged physically in the process if extreme care is not take.

But, surrounding trees WILL BE damaged no matter what is done because the loss of their companions affects them in many ways.

  • Physiologically.  In the tree’s world, one trunk is not a tree.  All the trees operate together as a community, sharing nutrients and information about their ecosystem so that their individual functions can operate in a healthy way.
  • Environmentally.  In the tree’s world, chemical and other signals are exchanged that give all trees information about conditions such as nutrient availability, insect populations, and temperature changes. When the environment goes through a radical change–such as the removal of other trees–the remaining trees’ signal exchange capacity is reduced or ended.
  • Energetically.  In the tree’s world, trees share something like a song. They emit a vibration or pulse in their bio-energy fields.  With that they maintain ecosystem viability in a way similar to a whole orchestra playing beautiful music on beat and in tune.

Symphony Silenced!

Imagine an orchestra playing a beautiful piece of music.  Then–right in the middle of it–imagine that the whole string section is swept away!  What happens to the rest of the instruments?  Is there still a symphony?

Much of that kind of harmony is lost when a significant number of trees are removed from a piece of land.  Remaining trees may not have sufficient health or cohesiveness in community to support one another.  If they cannot stay related in physiological, environmental, and energetic community, they will sicken and may die.

What can be done?

Conventional tree-care methods and approaches do not recognize this delicate, bioenergy exchange and orchestra-like capacity of trees in groups. It may take years for the affects of the clear cutting on remaining trees to show up as decline and death.  So, conventional tree-care approaches do not make the connection back to the clear cutting.  They can do little to help the trees.

Holistic and bio-energy approaches such as BioBalancing® and Tree Whispering® address not only the INNER physiological aspects of trees but also their bio-energy interactions with other trees and with their ecosystems.

When all the trees on a property are operating in sync–like an orchestra–all can be healthy.

Simple non-linear approaches are available that anyone can do to give their trees a boost.  Click here to go to the freely-available Healing Whispers at


Ropes and Ties Cut Off Circulation in Living Beings

This tree is losing circulation.  Ropes and ties damage the bark but, more importantly, they cut into the delicate vascular tissue which is JUST UNDER the bark.

People have veins and arteries.  Trees have xylem and phloem tissue.  Same thing, really.  They are all tubes in which fluids flow to keep the living Being alive.

If you put a very tight rope or tourniquet on your arm or leg, you stop the blood flow.  You may save your life but you might lose that arm or leg.

If you put a rope or tie on a tree, you stop the flow of fluids, water, and nutrients from moving around.  The whole tree may die.  It’s true that occasionally a tree will grow around the rope or tie, but more usually, it dies.





Lynnea: Wealthy With Trees

Lynnea says, “My relationship to trees…. they Are divine antennae, ancestors who keep watch. They speak to me and play roles in my life. I took a walk recently alone and was asked what I really wanted.  I said…. to be a redwood in in a forest of friends.

“They gives me guidance… as I watch how still and dynamic they are and how they settle my nervous system.

“I feel their ache at losing kin and needing to be better tended yet they survive now and will outlive all of us.

“I would be destitute without trees and with them I am wealthy woman.”

Lynnea works as an organizational advisor, educator, executive & transition coach.

She is also a board certified wellness coach who invites people to learn more about themselves through relating to horses in a unique way.



Kathy: Restores Inner Health to Trees and Forests

Kathy says, “This is me with one of my sacred trees located on my property. This tree shares the space with many trees because I live on a mountain. I also have multi-dimensional trees located among my physical trees. All are working in collaboration for balancing the ecosystems in the area. I go to other sites and bring the tree energy and wisdom back to my property because my property is a beacon site for the area. Very magical place and the trees are all loved!”

“I live in an area where fracking and logging was very heavy and the areas need balance and restoration. I found the best way to cover a large area was to travel to the top of the mountain Vistas and work from there. The healing and whispers to into the valley and all the trees are excited to carry the energy and message across the land. You can hear them sing with gratitude and pleasure.”

“Here is one of the vistas I do work at for ecosystem restoration and multi-dimensional connecting.”




Vera: Celebrates Trees’ Beauty and Spirituality

Vera says, “I celebrate the beauty and spirituality of Trees. I communicate intuitively with Nature, and help to restore harmony and balance within ecosystems”

“I am also a strong advocate for preserving trees and protecting the natural environment.  I am taking actions to preserve a local park from development.”

“I started hiking with my dad when I was a teenager. He inspired a deep love of Nature in me.”

Vera is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.


Maureen: Celebrates Trees to Connect with Nature

Maureen says, “This amazing tree is at Menla Mountain House in Phoenicia, New York.”

“I think I have always known deep down that my life’s mission was to include connecting with trees. And I have found that the trees in our lives are healers and providers of great wisdom. Without them we would have a sad existence, indeed.”

“I believe that everything has energetic vibrations and interacts and impacts everything else. I found the path of feng shui and a chance to study Eastern philosophy. It has fulfilled my desire to bring all of my life’s interests into one comprehensive discipline. Everything that I loved and admired was active and alive in this amazing practice of feng shui!  And in order to establish any sort of “balance and harmony” in our modern lives, we must connect to nature. This has become my mantra!”

Maureen’s business and passion show up at her website,

Her new book, Creating Luminous Spaces: Shift the Energy of Your Home and Ignite Your Personal Power! is coming out in Spring, 2018. It’s about connecting to Nature with the 5 Elements of Feng Shui.

She is a talented practitioner and teacher of a master’s program in Feng Shui.

Maureen is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and is a Tree Protector.




Marilyn: Gives and Receives Healing Energy with this Tree.

Marilyn, “I am always in awe of the mystery of Nature.  I like to learn from both linear and metaphysical sciences.  I believe that I listen to and respect Trees’ viewpoints, messages, and wisdom.”

“Here I am with my beloved giant Pitch Pine in Brattleboro, Vermont!  “This tree is a sentinel, a wise, “pass-through” tree that helps me communicate with all Living Beings in my yard.”

“When I’m stressed or ill, it also pours healing energy through me, precisely to the body areas most in need, leaving me replenished, balanced, and whole!”

“This tree is highly evolved and teaches me about other dimensions of consciousness and reality.  Thank you–beautiful Tree Being!”

Marilyn is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.




Holly: Wants People to Collaborate with Trees

Holly, “I’m so grateful for the trees in my life. They are like angels with roots and leaves that live among us. Learning how to communicate, facilitate healing, and collaborating with nature feels nothing short my life purpose.”

“I try all of the time to be a better voice for the trees. I know that more that I act as a voice for the trees the more other folks might feel more comfortable seeing them as conscious beings and cooperating with nature too.”

Holly is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.



Suzanne: Trees are Her Family, Landscapes are Her Mission

Suzanne says, “Trees are my best friends, sisters, brothers, family.”

“I walk among my trees every day. They accompany me as I go through my life––at the window while washing my dishes and all around while frolicking with my dogs. As I negotiate my life, there they stand––steadfast and ever present.”

“They once told me that of all the people and things that come and go, they will remain. They will remain because there is a community of them, joined as if hand in hand, root to root, in a circle of prayer under the soil, all holding each other together, keeping each other in peace and in place.

“I care for those Spirit trees that guard me. Through their boughs, my brothers, the animals, scamper. The birds sing, build nests, raise cherub young, and fly to my feeders. I care about my trees because they whisper to me, they applaud for me. My trees dance––they plié like ballerinas in the grace of the breezes.”

Suzanne is also THE BAREFOOT GARDENER.      She has a strong belief in the natural approach.

“The majority of Long Islanders were brought up to believe that a perfectly manicured carpet-like lawn was a symbol of success and pride. But just as we’re thinking differently about many things — the food we eat, the cars we drive, the habits we keep — we’re also thinking differently about lawns.”

“Beautiful landscaping  is no longer all about sterile green grass. It’s about wildflowers that softly sway  in the breeze. It’s about feathery grasses over which butterflies float. It’s about happy little hummingbirds that hover and dart while drinking sweet nectar from bountiful blossoms. In the garden that nature intended, grass grows in all shapes, sizes and colors, and it bustles with life and beauty in many different forms — unaided by fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation.”


She also write and speaks about problems with common landscape practices.

The Environmental Damage Caused by the Common Lawn