The Trees Still Have Leaves. Can You Ask Them to Drop Their Leaves?


Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer® said, “I was working with and communicating with three properties full of trees in the coastal Rumson, NJ, area today.

As I arrived at one of the properties, the homeowner came out.
She asked, “Can you tell the leaves to fall off the trees?”

I said, “That is EXACTLY what I am doing.”

About an hour into my work to prepare the trees for the storm, she came out again to repeat her request.  She is a good steward of the land and cares for her trees deeply.

Then, all around her, she noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees and the ground was covered where it hadn’t been covered before.

She said, “Look!  The leaves are falling!”

Yes, it was “raining” leaves all around us.  She was really happy.

The good news is that the trees still have 48 hours to drop leaves before the heavy winds start.

Please use and share the “Storm Prep Whispers.”  They will help your trees.

Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer® said, “At the end of my treatments today, the multi-dimensional patterns were accepted into the larger energy network fractal pattern so that more area was covered with my treatment than just the three locations in Rumson.  We hope that this experience will bring you closer to your trees and that you may be interested in taking one of our courses in the future.
We also thank you for caring for your trees.”

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