Marilyn: Gives and Receives Healing Energy with this Tree.

Marilyn, “I am always in awe of the mystery of Nature.  I like to learn from both linear and metaphysical sciences.  I believe that I listen to and respect Trees’ viewpoints, messages, and wisdom.”

“Here I am with my beloved giant Pitch Pine in Brattleboro, Vermont!  “This tree is a sentinel, a wise, “pass-through” tree that helps me communicate with all Living Beings in my yard.”

“When I’m stressed or ill, it also pours healing energy through me, precisely to the body areas most in need, leaving me replenished, balanced, and whole!”

“This tree is highly evolved and teaches me about other dimensions of consciousness and reality.  Thank you–beautiful Tree Being!”

Marilyn is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.




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