Mission and Goals

The Tree Protector Initiative is about
(1) saving trees, forests, and ecosystems from local and global dangers and
(2) inspiring tree-loving people to self-fulfillment, holistic pro-action, tree advocacy, eco-spirituality, and creative thinking…
…so that all living Beings—including people—can be healthy and have a continuously renewable future.

The Tree Protector Initiative moves frank talk about ecological troubles into the realm of anybody-can-do-it holistic ecological solutions.

Tree Protectors can save imperiled existing older trees and ecosystems by taking recommended practical actions and by using suggested unique holistic and mindful healing techniques. Tree Protectors should protect new tree plantings in similar ways so they survive, thrive, and become emergent ecosystems.

Tree Protectors cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with trees and forests; we call it “Collaboration with Nature”. The Initiative doesn’t prescribe behaviors or tell people how to attempt to control Nature with human-centric ideas or actions. All approaches are designed to be tree-centric or plant-centric: It’s all about coming from the tree’s point of view—taking the tree’s viewpoint—standing “in the tree’s roots.”

Tree Protectors celebrate trees. They are tree lovers, visionaries, adventurers, naturalists, environmentalists, creatives, do-it-yourselfers, holistic life-stylers, respectful of the sacred in Nature, and have a long-range worldview.
Tree Protectors feel called to collaborate with Nature, and by collaborating with the innate wisdom of Nature’s living Beings, every living Being on the planet wins!

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander are your Chief Tree Protectors. They are founders of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance, authors of 7 books published by their publishing company Plant Kingdom Communications, as well as creators and teachers of Cooperative BioBalance®, Tree Whispering®, Tree-Centrcs®, Co-Existence Technologies®, and EcoPeace Treaties® systems. As architects of the new Collaboration with Nature paradigm, they are dedicated to inviting people into a new way of thinking about trees and Nature.