Kathy: Restores Inner Health to Trees and Forests

Kathy says, “This is me with one of my sacred trees located on my property. This tree shares the space with many trees because I live on a mountain. I also have multi-dimensional trees located among my physical trees. All are working in collaboration for balancing the ecosystems in the area. I go to other sites and bring the tree energy and wisdom back to my property because my property is a beacon site for the area. Very magical place and the trees are all loved!”

“I live in an area where fracking and logging was very heavy and the areas need balance and restoration. I found the best way to cover a large area was to travel to the top of the mountain Vistas and work from there. The healing and whispers to into the valley and all the trees are excited to carry the energy and message across the land. You can hear them sing with gratitude and pleasure.”

“Here is one of the vistas I do work at for ecosystem restoration and multi-dimensional connecting.”