A short look at how we saved about a dozen baby Maple trees today by transplanting them into a nursery area.

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If you feel the need to be involved with helping the forests and impacting the world, consider attending or hosting an event to bring attention to the importance of our forests. The United Nations recognizes March 21 as International Day of Forests!


Think about it…where would we be without our forests?


You can be a Tree Protector and save seedling trees when they are in harm’s way.


Really Seeing Trees

Banyan Tree at Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, FL

As a #TreeProtector, you really #SeeTrees as they are.  That means not only seeing the magnificence and beauty of this Banyan tree, but also seeing that it has some dead branches.

Don’t just immediately think “oh, we have to cut them off.”  That is coming from the human point of view or coming from some previous lesson about trees.

Instead think: “Oh, this tree is not growing right.  It might be having trouble in its inner circulation of fluids, or with making food, or with being able to grow enough leaves.”

And think too, “I can do practical and bio-energy things to help it!”

•WATER YOUR TREES DURING DROUGHT OR EXTREME HEAT!! They may have outgrown their area. Water deep and long.
•Research! Plant the right tree in the right place.
•Use CARE when transplanting not to damage roots. Plant AT soil level, do not pile extra soil on top of root ball. Water often.
•Do NOT add soil, new plantings, or stone planters around an existing tree; it smothers roots.
•Use a sprinkling of mulch, don’t pile it up at the base.
• For construction, install plastic fencing at the drip-line so that they don’t dig, pile materials, or park under under trees.
• After construction, do NOT
regrade the soil over the roots. Short walls can hold back soil.
• Don’t install bricks, stone, or walkways under trees.
•Avoid “topping” trees & road salt.
•REMOVE BANDS OR TIES–they strangle fluid flows under bark.
•Protect young trees but don’t tie anything to them.
•LEAVE leaves; they have natural fertilizer and beneficials. Shred them for winter. Avoid blowers.
•Learn proper pruning techniques or hire a sensitive professional who knows how to ASK THE TREE where best to prune.


#Help4Trees in Hurricane Areas of Florida

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander

We are working in Florida a few months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria of 2017.  So many trees were damaged, but more than that, the trees still standing are not healthy.  The high winds and rains severely stressed the trees in the hurricane-hit areas.

Soil and sand erosion on the beach at Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida

But, these trees have a chance to survive!

You can be a #TreeProtector by helping with practical efforts such as replacing soil and sand around exposed roots before they dry out.

You can also use the bio-energy non-linear methods of #TreeWhispering to help stressed trees.  Find out about Healing Whispers at www.TreeWhispering.com





Kathy: Restores Inner Health to Trees and Forests

Kathy says, “This is me with one of my sacred trees located on my property. This tree shares the space with many trees because I live on a mountain. I also have multi-dimensional trees located among my physical trees. All are working in collaboration for balancing the ecosystems in the area. I go to other sites and bring the tree energy and wisdom back to my property because my property is a beacon site for the area. Very magical place and the trees are all loved!”

“I live in an area where fracking and logging was very heavy and the areas need balance and restoration. I found the best way to cover a large area was to travel to the top of the mountain Vistas and work from there. The healing and whispers to into the valley and all the trees are excited to carry the energy and message across the land. You can hear them sing with gratitude and pleasure.”

“Here is one of the vistas I do work at for ecosystem restoration and multi-dimensional connecting.”




Vera: Celebrates Trees’ Beauty and Spirituality

Vera says, “I celebrate the beauty and spirituality of Trees. I communicate intuitively with Nature, and help to restore harmony and balance within ecosystems”

“I am also a strong advocate for preserving trees and protecting the natural environment.  I am taking actions to preserve a local park from development.”

“I started hiking with my dad when I was a teenager. He inspired a deep love of Nature in me.”

Vera is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.


Marilyn: Gives and Receives Healing Energy with this Tree.

Marilyn, “I am always in awe of the mystery of Nature.  I like to learn from both linear and metaphysical sciences.  I believe that I listen to and respect Trees’ viewpoints, messages, and wisdom.”

“Here I am with my beloved giant Pitch Pine in Brattleboro, Vermont!  “This tree is a sentinel, a wise, “pass-through” tree that helps me communicate with all Living Beings in my yard.”

“When I’m stressed or ill, it also pours healing energy through me, precisely to the body areas most in need, leaving me replenished, balanced, and whole!”

“This tree is highly evolved and teaches me about other dimensions of consciousness and reality.  Thank you–beautiful Tree Being!”

Marilyn is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.




Holly: Wants People to Collaborate with Trees

Holly, “I’m so grateful for the trees in my life. They are like angels with roots and leaves that live among us. Learning how to communicate, facilitate healing, and collaborating with nature feels nothing short my life purpose.”

“I try all of the time to be a better voice for the trees. I know that more that I act as a voice for the trees the more other folks might feel more comfortable seeing them as conscious beings and cooperating with nature too.”

Holly is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She speaks WITH Trees and speaks FOR Trees.



Sally: Tree Protector in Action!

Sally, “Here I am stepping in front of a tree-cutting truck to stop them from cutting an 80-year old healthy ash tree without a permit at a church in West Orange, New Jersey.”

“I guess you could call me an upscale tree-hugger!  We humans need every tree standing for oxygen, solace and beauty”

“Trees are our lifeboats. I will do my share to protect them as they protect me.”

Sally owns Ecco Bella, a beauty-products company. Ecco Bella is inspired by compassion for all living beings to create products that beautify and protect people and the planet.

Sally is a graduate of  the Tree Whispering® Workshop and a Tree Protector.  She clearly  speaks FOR Trees that are in trouble.