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You can be a Tree Protector and save seedling trees when they are in harm’s way.


Videos, audios, and interviews.

Trees and Earth Celebrated in this Interview

HealingEarthHealingSelf Dr. Jim Conroy , The Tree Whisperer® and Ms. Basia Alexander were honored to be a part of a wonderful group of experts talking about the relationship between healing the Earth and healing ourselves.

Chara Armon, the founder of Mutual Flourishing, has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge.

However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

Videos, audios, and interviews.

What is Cooperative BioBalance All About?

Carol Behan, producer of Voices of the Earth, a Blog Talk Radio Show, invited us to be on her radio show. She is a gracious hostess and ask us to talk about Tree Whispering, Cooperative BioBalance, and EcoPeace Treaties are all about!

Carol Behan’s radio show, Voices of the Earth, on the Art of Living Well Network of Blog Talk Radio:



Videos, audios, and interviews.

Hurricane Sandy – 1 Year Later – Vera Whispered and Saved Her Beloved Trees

Videos, audios, and interviews.

Hurricane Sandy – 1 Year Later – Carol in Denville

Carol in Denville, NJ, talks about how “nothing happened” around her home and the neighbors’ homes during and after Hurricane Sandy.

Videos, audios, and interviews.

Hurricane Sandy is Arriving Today…

Basia Alexander, Co-Founder of Tree Whispering®, reports on the winds and rain as Hurricane Sandy approaches her home.


Basia Alexander reports on Hurricane Sandy intensifying.  The trees have lost more leaves and are dancing with the winds.


By 5:30pm, Hurricane Sandy is almost here.  Wind and rain is very intense!  Still sending them the Storm Prep Whispers®.  We know you are helping.



Videos, audios, and interviews.

P1280660 Great Triple Oak

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Great Triple Oak

We drove to the Great Triple Oak as soon as we could to see if it was safe.  Only a few small branches were on the ground.

No power anywhere in NJ, NY, CT.  Basia is posting this a little late…from a safe-house in Boston.



Videos, audios, and interviews.

Final Prep for Hurricane Sandy by Looping Tree Energy Together

Basia w Triple Oak

Ms. Basia Alexander helped with storm prep.

In the following 2 videos. Dr. Jim Conroy talks about tying all the storm prep-ed trees together while at Big Triple Oak in the Morristown, NJ area on Sunday, as Hurricane Sandy approaches the coast.

First gusts of wind are already felt. Dr. Jim explains how trees and ecosystems are sharing the “Storm Prep Whispers” that both you and he have been doing.

If you haven’t joined in already, please view/ download/ share the “Storm Prep Whispers”



Videos, audios, and interviews.


Prep for Hurricane Sandy at The Great Triple Oak

Sunday as Hurricane Sandy approaches, Dr. Jim Conroy says that the trees are dancing with the storm! “We are all one.”