Sandy 940x500
Suzanne Ruggles on Long Island, NY
Suzanne Ruggles_1024_After Sandy
Liz Wazzell in Westchester, NY
Liz Wassell Tree1
Ann Fandell in New Jersey
IMG_0554 Ann NJ condo
Sabine in Greenwich, CT
IMG_0043 Sabine
Dr. Jim and Great Triple Oak in the Morristown area of New Jersey
P1280664 Great Triple Oak 103012
Dr. Jim and Laura in Greenwich, CT
P1280387 Laura

Countless Tree Protectors received the Storm Prep Whispers from Basia Alexander at in the weekend prior to Hurricane Sandy’s landfall on October 29, 2012.

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After the storm, many people emailed their stories to Basia.  They saved their trees.  This book tells their stories in their own words.

Hurricane Sandy Cover