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TreeProtector.org is really about you--tree lovers--and about
our new thinking for how to protect trees!

“You love trees, right?  You enjoy them on walks. You don’t like to see them get sick.  You don’t like to see them cut down.   If you knew how, wouldn’t you do something to save a tree in trouble?   Perhaps you are already a Tree Protector.”
Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy, PhD — Co-Founders of TreeProtector.org
Jim Conroy, PhD, and Basia Alexander, co-founders

Our New Thinking about Trees

As founders of TreeProtector.org and several other tree-related websites, Jim Conroy, PhD, and I hope that tree protectors like you will begin to think differently about trees. And then begin to see them differently, too. That means not only seeing the magnificence and beauty of trees, but also seeing that sometimes they have some dead branches.

We want you to wonder why.

Really Seeing Trees

When you see dead branches, don't just  think "oh, we have to cut them off." 

That is coming from the human point of view or coming from some previous ideas about trees.

Instead think: "Oh, this tree is not growing right.  It might be having trouble in its inner circulation of fluids, or with making food, or with being able to grow enough leaves."

And think too, "I can do practical as well as bio-energy things to help it!"

That's where TreeProtector.org comes in.

Our hope is that this website will show you how to save trees that are in trouble with their health as well as save trees that are in harm's way from any number of causes.

"Here at TreeProtector.org, we invite you to really experience what tree's lives are like and to think about them as living Beings who need your help. We ask you to do the right practical things, we want to engage you in doing innovative things, and we hope to inspire you to partner with trees and Nature to co-create a livable planet."


Please scroll down to find out about our missions and goals, our amazing team, and to see an invitation from us to become part of our team!

Missions and Goals

TreeProtector.org moves frank talk about ecological troubles into the realm of “anybody-can-do-it” holistic solutions with your trees!

Tree Protectors like you celebrate trees!  

You are tree lovers, visionaries, adventurers, naturalists, environmentalists, creatives, do-it-yourselfers, holistic life-stylers, respectful of the sacred in Nature, and have a long-range worldview.

Our Missions
(1) save trees, forests, and ecosystems from local and global dangers
(2) inspire tree-loving people to do practical and holistic care of trees, to enjoy self-fulfillment, to take holistic proactive steps, to think creatively. Also, to inspire those who are ready to become tree advocates or to practice eco-spirituality.

Our Goal:
To do all that so all living Beings—including people—can be healthy and have a continuously renewable future on a livable planet.

What’s our approach?
Helping tree protectors like you to….
> save imperiled existing older trees and ecosystems by taking recommended practical actions and by using our unique holistic and mindful methods.
> protect new tree plantings in similar holistic ways so they survive, thrive, and become emergent ecosystems.
> cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with trees and forests; we call it “Partnering with Nature”.

What we do and don’t do:
We don’t prescribe behaviors. We don’t tell people how to control Nature with human-centric ideas or actions. All approaches are designed to be tree-centric or plant-centric: It’s all about coming from the tree’s point of view—taking the tree’s viewpoint—standing “in the tree’s roots.”

Everybody Wins!
If you feel called to collaborate with Nature and co-create a livable planet for a positive future, then everybody wins!

Meet the Authors

Our Amazing Team

We're all tree lovers, just like you!

Jim Conroy,
I'm a tree lover and also The Tree Whisperer®. You can go to my website TheTreeWhisperer.com to find out more about my work.
Basia Alexander
I'm a tree lover and Nature partner. We have sister websites you might enjoy: PartnerWithNature.org, PlantKingdomCommunications.com, and Climate Whispering.org.
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