an authorized messenger or representative

What does an Ambassador do?

Usually ambassadors are diplomatic officials who speak up for their own people who are in another land.  They are authorized messengers!  

When you play with the trees, you know trees are playing with you, too.  

Speak FOR Trees

You can be an authorized messenger for the trees.  How?  You can hear their messages as you walk in the woods or touch trees in your own backyard.  When you hear—see—feel what they have to say, you can speak FOR the trees.  It’s as simple as that.  

Some adults think that people can’t get messages from trees because they think that trees are not alive or that trees can’t communicate.  

But you and I know better.  We know that trees have a lot to say, if we will be quiet and listen.  

Yes, you can use your imagination, but you know that you are telling the truth.  You are not making it up.

Trees are your friends.  

And trees need all the help you can give them.  They are very sick because of changes in the climate and because adults have polluted and have made bad choices.  

So, it’s up to you, my young Tree Protector friend, to be a Tree Ambassador.  

If you love trees, then you are an authorized messenger for them.  

Speak FOR the trees. Be brave. Tell your friends, even tell adults what the trees are saying.  

The trees have messages for all people and it is up to you to let everyone know what they have told you.