If you are sad about the state of your backyard’s ecosystem, begin to apply all of the 10 Easy Ways to be a Tree Protector. With them, you can turn your backyard into a zone of dynamic balance and good habitat for all creatures.  

Then, take the next step:  Be a tree advocate. Speak FOR Trees because they can't.

When trees are threatened in your town or neighborhood, sign a petition or go to city hall and register your opinion. Be brave: join or lead the efforts to save those trees. Don’t take “no” for an answer. There are ways to turn around people’s minds, change laws, alter behavior, and come up with reasonable alternatives.

Become a Hero Tree Protector!  

Let me know what you are doing. I'll put your story here at TreeProtector.org.

If you want local or regional environments—or the global biosphere—to become more livable and to support future human generations in health and prosperity, speak FOR trees and speak FOR the ecosystems they belong to.

Many groups are doing good and reversing damage. Do research into the best one for your participation.

Never give up.  Never surrender.

With courage and kindness, you CAN make all the difference to trees in your backyard, your neighborhood, and on the planet.

Click on the link to go to each of the 10 Easy Ways to Be a Tree Protector

#1 Love Trees

#2 Go for Walks; Really See Trees

#3 Recognize Trees as Living Beings

#4 Celebrate Trees

#5 Plant Trees

#6 Come From the Tree’s Point of View

#7 Do Holistic Tree Care

#8 Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Trees

#9 Open Up Dinner Conversations

#10 Speak FOR Trees

Please check our sister website: PartnerWithNature.org.