Dr. Jim Conroy and I (Basia Alexander) assembled this delightful little book called MESSAGES FROM TREES; A COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK FOR THE YOUNG AND YOUNG-AT-HEART ... but it's really the trees who wrote it.

When you open the book, you'll see the tree's message on the left and a drawing of the tree on the right. Like this:

Here are all of the photos of the actual, real, live, trees that gave their messages to Jim or me.

Then, their messages became this coloring and activity book... and their photos were turned into sketches that could be colored in!

Page 5: The blue Blue Spruce

Page 7: Big Old Copper Beech on Long Island, New York

Page 9: An Evergreen tree at Mt. Shasta in California

Page 11: Maple Trees in the Hudson Valley of New York State

Page 13: Cabbage plants that operate like trees

Page 15: A majestic Copper Beech tree in New Jersey

Page 17: "Red" the Redwood at Muir Woods National Monument Park in California

Page 19: Pruned Bushes at an Arboretum

Page 21: The historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Santa Barbara California

Page 23: "Sway", an Ash tree by the road in New York State and Kat Lan's drawing of how the tree sways.

Page 27: Sequoia tree on Mt. Shasta, California with Dr. Jim and Basia!

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