Every tree has a message.

  • Some messages are personal ones for you to personally benefit from
  • Other messages are about the tree itself--it's inner functionality, its state of health and more...
  • Then, there is a more broad category of messages: wise information, Nature's wisdom and Her perspective about the way the world is right now.

You can get your own messages from trees just by going to a tree, sitting quietly, and listening.

Here's what just a few of our hundreds of students have said about HOW TO GET messages from trees...
Sometimes I feel that trees say funny things to me and that gives me great joy. On one occasion, I felt the presence of someone walking down the path and seeing me giggling with a tree. I said to myself, “Oh well, it’s silly to be self-conscious.” I realized that it didn’t matter to me whether someone saw me or what they thought of me. It didn’t matter because I received so much joy from the tree. Feeling that joy overpowered any self-consciousness. It was greater than any judgment that I or anyone else might have of me. Then a thought came to me, “How wonderful it could be to have that person experience it, too.”  I realized later, the thought was actually a message from the tree.
Lori Myrick, East Windsor, Connecticut, energy therapy practitioner
I think a lot of people are hesitant to believe they can receive messages from trees. They wonder, “Am I putting my own thoughts in?” I would advise you to slow down, allow your own Spirit and your energy some freedom. Believe in your energy and the path it may take. It will only give you more energy and freedom.
Cheryl Smith, PhD, University of New Hampshire, Extension Professor and Plant Health Specialist
I used to get clear messages as a young person. Now it seems that if a message doesn’t show up on a flaming billboard, then I think I’m not getting it. But I know that’s not true. So, I have to be aware that if I’m not getting a “wow,” then either the tree doesn’t communicate that way, or I’m not open. I have criticized myself for losing touch, but I have to realize that people change and, so, forgive myself.  
Tchukki Andersen, Billerica, Massachusetts, Arborist
Often people’s beliefs about what is possible create a barrier that doesn’t let in anything they can’t see, touch, or feel. So, people lose the connections to their imaginations and childlike wonder. It’s okay to be like a child again––one who talks with plants, trees, butterflies, or bugs. That innocence is in everyone; it is going to connect to the purity of the Nature Being. Everyone can enjoy this connection through imagination.
Madeline "Groweesha" Thompson, Boonton, New Jersey, business owner and professional counselor
Trees talk to me in the rustling of their leaves and movement of their branches, sending messages about themselves and the planet. In receiving their messages, I enter into partnership with them.
Leslie Ashman, Reston, Virginia, project manager and Gaia Consciousness advocate