#10 Way to Hurt Trees: Pollution, Dumping, Littering

Can you imagine trying to live while drinking oil-y water?  

Can you imagine having old soda cans and worse thrown at your feet?

Glass. Plastic. Even some paper won’t decompose for centuries.

It's common sense.  Obviously, don't do it.

And then go a step further.  Pick up litter if you find it in the forest or even roadside… and dispose of it properly.

Further steps?  Look around your community.  Get involved with the local government as a citizen watchdog for pollution.  

Praise for Tree Protectors!

If you do that, let us know.  Take a photo of you holding the litter or doing some “watchdog” activity, and send it to ChiefTreeProtector @ TreeProtector.org.  We’ll post your photo (no names unless you want it) as a Tree Protector!  

Top 10 Ways to Hurt Trees and 4 Common Themes in Tree Decline and Death

Any one of these ways could eventually kill a tree.  All of these ways are bad, and it’s hard to prioritize them into a “top 10” list.  

This is a summary list.  Each Way to Hurt Trees has its own related blog post.

Please click to go to each of the Top 10 Ways to Hurt Trees

#10 Way to Hurt Trees: Pollution, litter, and dumping.

#9 Way to Hurt Trees:  Remove the leaves from the drip zone.

#8 Way to Hurt Trees: Wrong or inappropriate use of chemicals.

#7 Way to Hurt Trees: Poor transplanting.

#6 Way to Hurt Trees:  Failing to Water even mature trees in heat and drought.

#5 Way to Hurt Trees: Careless Practices and Injury

#4 Way to Hurt Trees: Cutting down nearby trees or disturbing the ecosystem.

#3 Way to Hurt Trees: Construction abuses.

#2 Way to Hurt Trees: Strangulation by ropes, ties, wires, etc.

#1 Way to Hurt Trees: Suffocation by burying roots under mulch, fill, planters, or regrading of land.

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