Sad to say that there are construction people out there who don't care for trees.  Yes, many do and they take precautions not to harm the trees. But it really sets my skin to crawl when I see equipment and soil piled so close to beautiful, big trees like the one above.

There is no excuse for this kind of abuse.

That tree will not survive; their careless actions are taking a life. "Oh, it's just a tree." Maybe. But it is a living being.

And the homeowner may or may not know that--two to three years later--the construction people's careless killed their wonderful tree. Trees struggle to survive and might not die immediately after such abuse.

It's easy to protect trees during construction. It just takes the will and a little know-how!

I was going to post more photos here, but they are just too horrible to look at, so I won't.

Please go to Do for Trees #3: Insist on Construction Care and Fencing to find out what positive things you CAN do to protect trees during construction.

Please click to go to each of the Top 10 Ways to Hurt Trees

#10 Way to Hurt Trees: Pollution, litter, and dumping.

#9 Way to Hurt Trees:  Remove the leaves from the drip zone.

#8 Way to Hurt Trees: Wrong or inappropriate use of chemicals.

#7 Way to Hurt Trees: Poor transplanting.

#6 Way to Hurt Trees:  Failing to Water even mature trees in heat and drought.

#5 Way to Hurt Trees: Careless Practices and Injury

#4 Way to Hurt Trees: Cutting down nearby trees or disturbing the ecosystem.

#3 Way to Hurt Trees: Construction abuses.

#2 Way to Hurt Trees: Strangulation by ropes, ties, wires, etc.

#1 Way to Hurt Trees: Suffocation by burying roots under mulch, fill, planters, or regrading of land.

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