Top 10 Ways to Hurt Trees and 4 Common Themes in Tree Decline and Death

Any one of these ways could eventually kill a tree.  All of these ways are bad, and it’s hard to prioritize them into a “top 10” list.  

This is a summary list.  Each Way to Hurt Trees has its own related blog post.

Please click to go to each of the Top 10 Ways to Hurt Trees

#10 Way to Hurt Trees: Pollution, litter, and dumping.

#9 Way to Hurt Trees:  Remove the leaves from the drip zone.

#8 Way to Hurt Trees: Wrong or inappropriate use of chemicals.

#7 Way to Hurt Trees: Poor transplanting.

#6 Way to Hurt Trees:  Failing to Water even mature trees in heat and drought.

#5 Way to Hurt Trees: Careless Practices and Injury

#4 Way to Hurt Trees: Cutting down nearby trees or disturbing the ecosystem.

#3 Way to Hurt Trees: Construction abuses.

#2 Way to Hurt Trees: Strangulation by ropes, ties, wires, etc.

#1 Way to Hurt Trees: Suffocation by burying roots under mulch, fill, planters, or regrading of land.

Four common themes that run throughout all 10 ways to hurt trees:  

#4: Ignorance of good practices: i.e. plant the right tree in right place
#3: Outdated thinking: i.e. cut them down if they have insects or disease, cut them down if they are considered “invasive.”  
#2: Climate Change and local and global areas
#1 Lack of love and scant attention.  

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