You have a point of view, a perspective about life that is your own. It’s how you perceive your world.

Your point of view is also probably human-centric. Unwittingly, people think of most things from the mindset of being a person. It’s natural.

But, when you are with a tree, try coming from that tree’s point of view. It has a perspective of its own, unique to its life. How? Because trees have consciousness, they are part of Nature's intelligence.

Think about what its life is like: rooted in one place, making its own food, going through the seasonal cycles, experiencing extremes, and living with other organisms.

Try this exercise from our book Tree Whispering: Trust the Path to put yourself in the tree's place and come from its point of view.

That’s coming from the tree’s point of view and being tree-centric.

Tree Protectors can put themselves in a tree’s roots so that they understand what its life is like... and then if they need do, they can change behaviors.

Click on the link to go to each of the 10 Easy Ways to Be a Tree Protector

#1 Love Trees

#2 Go for Walks; Really See Trees

#3 Recognize Trees as Living Beings

#4 Celebrate Trees

#5 Plant Trees

#6 Come From the Tree’s Point of View

#7 Do Holistic Tree Care

#8 Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Trees

#9 Open Up Dinner Conversations

#10 Speak FOR Trees

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