Go on. Go out in your backyard or find a quiet corner of a park. Walk slowly or stand under a tree for a moment and whisper to it in your heart: tell it that you appreciate it for its beauty, the oxygen it makes, or something!

Talk about anything: unburden your feelings or express your ideas.

That’s talking TO trees. Millions of people already do it. It’s satisfying... but it’s a one-way communication.

Try having a 2-way conversation. It'll happen inside of your intuition.

Every living Being has a kind of innate intelligence. Nature has a deep wisdom. Trees have inner spirits that bring forth their existence. You can open your inner hearing or inner knowing to receive a tree’s message to you.  

It’s not your imagination. The essences within trees use the symbolic interpretation, intuitive sensitivity, and sensory instruments of your body to convey their meanings.  You are NOT making it up. Trust it. It's real.

Find out more on how to talk WITH trees can be found at  PartnerWithNature.org

Remember that millions are people are like you--tree lovers and people who can exchange messages with the deep intelligence in Nature.

Try the exercise below. Just scroll down.

Click on the link to go to each of the 10 Easy Ways to Be a Tree Protector

#1 Love Trees

#2 Go for Walks; Really See Trees

#3 Recognize Trees as Living Beings

#4 Celebrate Trees

#5 Plant Trees

#6 Come From the Tree’s Point of View

#7 Do Holistic Tree Care

#8 Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Trees

#9 Open Up Dinner Conversations

#10 Speak FOR Trees

Try this exercise to Imagine Belonging.... it's from our book Tree Whispering: Trust the Path