Honor trees when you walk by them.

Join with other people to appreciate all the good that trees give to humanity.

Praise trees for shade in summer, their lush green beauty, the oxygen they breathe out, the carbon dioxide they breathe in, their screening attributes, …. to name a few.

Have a little party with your children or friends under a tree and thank it for giving you a pleasant and safe place to be.

Have you Thanked a Tree or Plant?

Click on the link to go to each of the 10 Easy Ways to Be a Tree Protector

#1 Love Trees

#2 Go for Walks; Really See Trees

#3 Recognize Trees as Living Beings

#4 Celebrate Trees

#5 Plant Trees

#6 Come From the Tree’s Point of View

#7 Do Holistic Tree Care

#8 Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Trees

#9 Open Up Dinner Conversations

#10 Speak FOR Trees

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