Once you appreciate and look at trees closely, it is only natural to recognize trees as living Beings.

Just because they don’t have a face, arms, or legs doesn’t mean that they aren’t alive. They grow. They branch. They leaf-out. And, they die.

So, admit that they are as alive as you are!  Just different.

Something amazing may happen for you when you recognize trees' aliveness. This probably has already happened in your life but please let me illuminate a bit.

When a person recognizes the aliveness of Nature, suddenly the whole world becomes "re-enchanted". In other words, trees and all of Nature is no longer thought of as "things" to be used, abused, discarded.

The word "enchantment" has been used in a magical setting... but it really means to be infused with life.

Just for fun, try this exercise from our book, Tree Whispering: Trust the Path.

Click on the link to go to each of the 10 Easy Ways to Be a Tree Protector

#1 Love Trees

#2 Go for Walks; Really See Trees

#3 Recognize Trees as Living Beings

#4 Celebrate Trees

#5 Plant Trees

#6 Come From the Tree’s Point of View

#7 Do Holistic Tree Care

#8 Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Trees

#9 Open Up Dinner Conversations

#10 Speak FOR Trees

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