It's gonna take some muscle to pick up all the litter and pollution around trees everywhere.... and it's gonna take some courage to clean up the current culture's lack of commitment to upgrade laws, policies, and business processes.

I don't pretend that it will be easy.

Most trees everywhere are very sick. When we communicate with them through our intuitive awareness, they tell us how much they need people to help them.

We here at TreeProtector.org are committed to do our part to raise consciousness, provide information, and encourage people--tree lovers--like you to get it done.

Each person must do what they feel called to do and what they do best.

Do what you can. Do your part. Clean up wherever you can!

And when you do... contact me: ChiefTreeProtector @ TreeProtector.org.

Eventually, we will have a forum for everyone to share here on this website.

Tell me

  • what you are doing
  • about your challenges
  • ask for help you may need
  • when you have a success

You are not alone.

We need to band together, we Tree Protectors, so that we can help each other to do the whole job of protecting trees everywhere!

Please click to go to other ways to help trees...
#10 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Clean Up and Help Each Other
#9 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Leave Leaves
#8 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Go Organic
#7 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Transplant Properly
#6 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Watering and Balance the Elements
#5 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Be Considerate.  Come from the Tree’s Point of View
#4 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Advocate to keep trees.  Think Wild.  Speak for Trees.  
#3 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:   Insist on Construction Care and Fencing
#2 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Remove “Stuff”  and keep the weed whackers away.
# 1 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Let them Breathe.  FILL KILLS.

Please check our sister website: PartnerWithNature.org.
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