Advocate to Keep trees. “Think Wild.”  

It’s not just that trees and beautiful and you love trees/hate to see them cut down.  

Good reasons to keep trees and to advocate for the whole ecosystem's interconnectedness go beyond just the benefit list you see at many websites… benefits for humans from trees such as oxygen, shade, property value,  and more…

Now we have to think bigger than just the immediate, local benefits for humans.  

It helps to come from the tree’s point of view.  Tree’s have Nature’s wisdom and a kind of consciousness so that means that they have a wild and natural perspective all of their own.  

Cutting down a single tree or a swath of trees—as builders or municipalities often do with their assumed privilege—has far-reaching impacts.  There is obvious loss of the trees that are cut down but also the larger loss to the trees' community and to the whole ecosystem.

Symphony Silenced!

Imagine an orchestra playing a beautiful piece of music.  Then--right in the middle of it--imagine that the whole string section is swept away!  What happens to the rest of the orchestra?  Is there still a symphony?

Much of that kind of harmony is lost when a significant number of trees are removed from a piece of land. Remaining trees may not have sufficient health or cohesiveness in community to support one another.  If they cannot stay related in physiological, environmental, and energetic community, they will sicken and may die.

Surrounding trees WILL BE damaged because the loss of their companions affects them in many ways.

  • Mechanically.  Surrounding trees may be hit by equipment and their bark damaged.  This impacts their ability to move fluids in their circulation systems. Their roots will be trampled and compacted, impacting food/water uptake and food storage.  
  • Physiologically. In the tree's world, one trunk is not a tree.  All the trees operate together as a community, sharing nutrients and information about their ecosystem so that their individual functions can operate in a healthy way.
  • Environmentally.  In the tree's world, chemical and other signals are exchanged that give all trees information about conditions such as nutrient availability, insect populations, and temperature changes. When the ecosystem goes through a radical change--such as the removal of other trees--the remaining trees' capacity for signal exchange is reduced or ended.
  • Energetically.  In the tree's world, trees share something like a song. They emit a vibration or pulse in their bio-energy fields.  With that exchange of information they maintain both their tree community and the whole ecosystem’s viability in a way similar to a whole orchestra playing beautiful music on beat and in tune.  When all the trees on a property or in an area are operating in sync--like an orchestra--all can be healthy.

What can you do?  Advocate.  

Appeal to the creative option: “Think Wild” and Speak FOR Trees

Begin right in your own back yard.  If you are considering construction, take a second or third look at your plan and your needs.  Commune deeply with the land and see what other creative options might be available to you.  Your needs might be met in some other creative way.  You don’t have to do the same-old same-old thing that everybody else does.  

For land owned privately by others, there are some legal avenues available to you.  But, it’s probably best to use a soft approach: talk to people.  Ask them to reconsider their plan, to change their plan so that less trees are lost.  Ask them to become compassionate and to consider that their needs may be met in some other creative way.  

Builders who say that it’s easier for them to clear cut may be cajoled into leaving the large trees.  It only makes sense that their future buyers will want trees and may pay a premium for a lot with trees.  Builders know that; they just have to make plans for it.  Your love of trees may ‘rub off’ on them if you approach them with kindness and courage.  

Again I say, ask them to become compassionate and to consider that their needs may be met in some other creative way.  People often get stuck in a rut and do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”  There is always room for creativity.  

My father, who was a builder, always said, “think wild!”  Yes, it’s a wonderfully satisfying exercise to imagine doing something in a new way.  It really gets the juices flowing!  And often leads to a much better solution.  

And there is a play on words there.  He meant applying creativity, but you can also think about leaving the space more WILD, more natural, more free.  

Municipalities can be initially similarly addressed with kindness and courage.  However, there are more recourses available via board meetings and the legal right you have for public review in your town.  Again, I say, “Think wild.”  Think creatively and think natural wildness.  

You will be giving voice to those living Beings who have no voice of their own. Be like the Lorax. Speak FOR the Trees.

What can you do when the tree cutting is forced?  Simple, free Tree Whispering®.  

Conventional tree-care methods and approaches do not recognize this delicate, bioenergy exchange and orchestra-like capacity of trees in groups. It may take years for the effects of the cutting on remaining trees to show up as decline or death.  So, conventional tree-care approaches often don’t make the intellectual connection back to the cutting.  Worse, they can do little to help the trees.

Holistic and bio-energy approaches such as the methods we teach through our Institute for Cooperative BioBalance called Green Centrics® and Cooperative BioBalance®  address not only the INNER physiological aspects of trees but also their bio-energy interactions with other trees and with their ecosystems.  More info on those is available at our sister site www.PartnerWithNature.org.

However, Tree Whispering® is the simplest, non-linear approach available that anyone can do to give their trees a boost.  Anyone can do it.  

There is also a set of Whispers available to prepare the trees that are going to be cut so that they are not shocked and so they can send their bioenergy back into the earth for others to use.  

Click go to the freely-available Healing Whispers at our sister website.

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