Go organic

More and more homeowners want to have natural, holistic approaches on their properties.

More and more landscapers and tree care professionals are being trained to offer organic alternatives.

Be a bit cautious, because some claim to be organic but they have a very broad and sometimes inaccurate definition of "organic." Some try to have a "foot in each pond." Not sure that really works.

What's organic for trees? "Compost"

The BEST is made from the leaves of your trees either by shredding the leaves in place or by putting them into a "compost" pile and just letting them decompose into nice rich compost.

  • Often simply called "compost"... but make sure that it is not composted manure--that would be animal waste, and a fertilizer.
  • Composted leaf mulch... not composed manure.
  • There is very little need for fertilizer for mature trees.
  • There is no such thing as "organic" invasive techniques such as air spading. For a sick or stressed tree, that will not help; will only ADD stress to the tree.

The nice thing about compost is that you con't need much of it. It is not a cover or mulch. Sprinkle it like you would dust a cake with powdered sugar.

It is meant to inoculate the soil with friendly and helpful micro-organisms. Trees like that. The organisms unlock nutrients from the soil and keep the soil moist and fluffy.

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