When it's hot and dry, even mature trees need water.

Water long and slow. Deep.

You don't want fast gushing water to run off.

You want to get the water DEEP into the soil so that deep roots can get to it.

You don't want to make the soil soggy, so water long, slow, deep, then wait a day or 2 or 3. Water again.

Your trees will thank you.

Mature trees need water when it's hot and dry. They may have trouble in their circulation systems. They may no be able to move water around as effectively as younger trees. WATER OLDER TREES!

Long slow watering from a drip hose is best. You want the water to penetrate deeply into the soil to reach deep roots. Water for several hours or overnight this way. Then, perhaps you can skip a day or two and water again this way. WATER OLDER TREES.

What about when the Water element is no longer in balance with the other elements?

In droughts, the elements of water, air, fire, and earth are no longer in balance. Wildfires can result. This happened in Australia in 2019-2020 season.

We suggested the use of the Wildfire Whispers, copied below:

The little movie seen below is my illustration of what needed to happen.... water and fire needed to regain their balanced relationship.

A lot of people prayed for rain. You might think that sounds good. It's not necessarily right.

Directly after the fires (and I believe as a result of all of that global prayer) some of the fire areas got so much rain that they had severe mudslides. That is another out-of-balance situation.

So asking the intelligence of Nature to bring the elements into BALANCE is more wise, and allows Nature to do what she know how to do: balance.

Fire Whispers® for Australia 2019-2020 Season

Please give author credit to Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander

Practical actions are only half of what is needed.  


These Healing Whispers® heal ecological damage such as the effects of fire.  How?  Through bioenergy and intention-based synergy of consciousness.  

Use them for Australia's 2019-2020 fires

These Whispers will empower YOU, too!  How?  The power of your heart and mind are impacting trees and other Beings of Nature who need healing and balance to withstand and recover from fire damage.

Sharing and Credit: You are welcome to freely share these FIRE WHISPERS for Australia, but don’t change them in any way.  

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander have extensive experience in California helping the trees/plants/ecosystem members that survived the initial fire to avoid growth-failure and to survive and thrive afterward.  Re-establishing growth in a higher percentage of the survivors is vital to boosting the ecosystem into health again.  Check out PartnerWithNature.org.  These Whispers are based on the most advanced LightWork and dimensional interactions developed to date by Dr. Jim Conroy. Please send people to PartnerWithNature.org for insight into the meaning and use of Whispers.  Please check for blog posts or webinars.

Extreme conditions in Australia during their 2019/2020 fire season prompted the development of this special set of Healing Whispers.  

Whispers provide the specific instructions Nature needs in order to heal Herself.  These intentional messages offered from the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul help stressed trees and heal ecological damage.  They come from 20 years of R&D and are spirit-inspired.  Infused with powerful energy, vitality, they have been shown as very effective to heal Nature and to empower people.  

Whispers can be done quietly or aloud, by yourself, or in a group.  Do them regularly in your backyard or a public park.  They will take minutes or more.  Focusing your conscious attention makes them work better.

Share your experiences or comments with Whispers@PartnerWithNature.org or use the hashtags #HealEcoDamage or #PartnerWithNature on social media.  

Please do not change any words.  Share widely.  Credit Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, PartnerWithNature.org

BEGIN HERE to Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-Create with Nature. You are a Facilitator!  

  • Imagine you are inside of a peaceful and protective ball of LIGHT.
  • In the Whispers, you are ASKING Light, Life Force, Spirit, and Nature’s deep intelligence to do these things for all ecosystem  members (trees and plants, animals, microorganisms, all others, people including YOU, and conscious forms such as mountains, oceans, structures.)
  • If you can, touch or be in a bioenergy overlap with a local  tree/plant/living Being.                                               •Focus on Australia.•
  • Ask permission: “I’d like to do Whispers with you.  Is that
    okay with you?”   If you perceive a “yes”,  tune-in to what some
    Nature Being’s life is like.  Come from its point of view—as if seeing through its ‘eyes’ or feeling through its ‘senses.’
  • Breathe and slowly say each of the following Whispers either quietly or aloud.  You should feel good or positive as you continue.  If you don’t, stop and try later.
  1. “I would like to connect—in humility—with the LIGHT inside of me and the LIGHT within ALL living Beings, sentient forms, and Nature’s great consciousness. I am their partner in order to CO-CREATE a healthy and prosperous world for All.
    I cannot make anything happen; I serve as an intentional and conscious facilitator by ASKING the following things.”  
  2. “I ask that Light Energy, Life Energy, Universal Rhythm, Growth Energy, and Sophiia/Gaia’s Life Force fulfill their high purposes in the burn-areas of Australia.”          
  3. “All living Beings in the burn areas such as trees, plants, animals, reptiles, even microorganisms, and people: I care for you. I ask permission to offer these Healing Whispers®. I am your partner in your recovery. We are all united as One.”
  4. “Spirit and The Elements: PLEASE COME INTO BALANCE.”
  • “Spirits of the Australian Land and of the living Beings of the ecosystems: please meet the Spirit of the Fires with an attitude that all common and higher purposes are achieved.
  • “Spirit of Fires in Australia: We honor your purposes. We know you are there for a reason even if we cannot understand it now. Please coordinate and integrate peacefully with the Beings of Nature.
  • “Element of Fire: Please come into balance with the other elements. Please integrate peacefully with all the Beings of Nature and conscious forms as you do your work, so that all higher purposes are met.
  • “Element of Water: please be in balance and use your many forms to keep all ecosystems members cool and prevent excess damage.
  • “Element of Air: please be in balance and help all breathe.
  • “Element of Earth: please be in balance and help all Beings of Nature become and remain energetically connected underground. Please help the fire and the Beings of Nature peacefully integrate their energies in balance for the higher benefit of all.”
  • "As a human Spirit, more and more I will come into balance with Nature by asking Her what She needs and providing that in humility.
  • "Spirit of Humanity: please awaken! Support regeneration of forests. Communicate, collaborate, and co-create a livable world in partnership with Nature."
  1. Preparation and Response for all living Beings:
  • “IF YOU ARE NOT BURNED, allow your Life Force and bioenergy to go deep in earth so that you can connect with one another. Reconfigure your networks and energy flows so that they can exist deep in the earth, stay connected in community, and support each other in dynamic balance.”    
  • “IF YOU ARE ALREADY BURNED, please allow your Life Force and bioenergy to  go back into your physical structure based on these criteria:
  • “If that structure can support your purposes and innate potentials, please use that structure as appropriate for you.”
  • “If that structure has been harmed in any way, please compensate appropriately within your internal functionality in order to use that structure to support your purposes and innate potentials.”
  • “If that structure is no longer suitable to support your purposes and innate potentials, please use your Life Force and bioenergy to call forth a new structure out of the void so that your Beingness may survive and thrive. Regenerate the Forest!”
  1. “Life Energy, please come into any and every living Being--burned or not--and shift that Being from a decline pattern into a growth pattern.”
  1. SYNERGY for ALL:
  • “Living Beings: Please heal and reconnect with each other. Let Light Energy, Life Energy, Universal Rhythm, Growth Energy, and Sophiia/Gaia connect all of you within and between, restore dynamic balance among you, and heal you. Element of Earth: please support new growth and recovery.
  • “Living Beings: make best use of the water that is available. Element of Water: please appear in your many forms to rejuvenate all.  
  • “Living Beings: Breathe. Element of Air: please support respiration.
  • “Living Beings: Allow circulation and flowing energies to move within and between you so that blockages are released and so that all of your unique goals and innate potentials can be attained. Element of Fire: please bring back coordination of all inner life processes, such as biochemical reactions, uptake of fluids and nutrients, food production or use, etc.
  • “In the Light, all Beings of Nature please reconnect your dimensional-to-physical and physical-to-dimensional rotation.
  • “Spirits of Land, Water, Fire, and Air: please support regeneration of the forest at all levels and in all dimensions.”
  • "Spirit of Humanity: please awaken! Support regeneration of the forest. Communicate, collaborate, and co-create a livable world in partnership with all of Nature’s living Beings.
  1. “Thanks to all Living Beings, Conscious Forms, and Spirit of Humanity. Thanks to all invisible helpers. Thanks to myself for doing this.”

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