What happens when trees are strangled with "stuff?"

Things wrapped around the tree's trunk is similar to your neck being strangled. You can't breathe. They can't grow. Trees not only grow UP but they grow AROUND.

Those trunks keep adding "rings". So anything that inhibits the growth-around will cut off circulation. Result: dead tree.

The photo above shows just a few of the kinds of "stuff" that should be removed from trees.

  • Ropes of any kind for any reason. No reason is good enough to kill the tree. Not even temporarily. "Temporary" can be a very LONG time if you get busy and forget about that rope.
  • Ties, yes even the pretty decorative ones.. Yes even those "yellow ribbons" that welcome people back. Just after the people come back, the ribbons HAVE to come off.
  • Holiday lighting. Whoow, yes. People, businesses, and municipalities think that outlining the skeletons of trees is pretty... Pretty deadly. Unless those little wires come off, there won't be pretty trees left after a few years to decorate.
  • Nails. Trees are not poles. Nails injure the circulation systems, allow for microorganisms to get in and make the tree sick, allow for water to get in and cause rot.
  • Again, trees are not poles, so don't lean things AGAINST or UNDER the tree. Oh, it may seem like a nice shady spot to put something, but don't. You'll cut off air to the roots or compact them. You'll create a micro-climate favorable to disease organisms or animals that can chew or dig.

WEED WHACKERS also kill the same way

That little plastic wire that whips around at the base of trees to remove every blade of errant grass is also deadly because they injure the tree's circulation system at the base. When the circulation is blocked or stopped, the tree can't move fluid from roots to leaves and back. It dies.

I think that's why landscapers started making those mulch circles around trees. It was a good idea to start with but it evolved into "volcano" mulching, which is really bad.

When Transplanting - Not Obvious Plastic Binding

Often tree nurseries will tag the trees by tying plastic around the base of their trunks. This is especially bad with evergreen trees that droop their branches over their bases. Those plastic twines are often hard to see but you need to look for them. The trees will grow for a year or 2 or 3, then instantly die. And you won't be able to get them replaced or get your money back.

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