Top 10 Things to Do for Trees

#10 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Clean Up and Help Each Other

It's gonna take some muscle to pick up all the litter and pollution around trees everywhere.... and it's gonna take some courage to clean up the current culture's lack of commitment to upgrade laws, policies, and business processes.  We need to band together, we Tree Protectors, so that we can help each other to do the whole job of protecting trees everywhere!  

#9 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Leave Leaves

Leaving leaves--shredded or whole--gives trees what they need. And it looks just fine. They are better than mulch.  

#8 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Go Organic

Go organic for trees, for bees, for yourself, for your world!

#7 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Transplant Properly

There’s more to transplanting than digging a hole.  The tree is entirely dependent upon you to help it survive at least its first season in the new spot.  Here are the key points and a detailed description.

#6 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Watering and Balance the Elements

Mature trees need water as much as you need water in heat and dryness. Find out why. See an example of how to balance the elements in a drought and fire situation.

#5 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Be Considerate.  Come from the Tree’s Point of View

What is a tree's life like? Imagine that you are a tree. That you can see through its "eyes"--so to speak.

#4 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:  Advocate to keep trees.  Think Wild.  Speak for Trees.  

THINK WILD! We mean both applying creativity to the problem as well as leaving land naturally wild and free. Your speaking FOR trees with kindness and courage can make all of the difference to trees you love.

#3 Thing to Do to HELP Trees:   Insist on Construction Care and Fencing

When going through construction, the single most important thing you can do is put up fencing around the drip line of your trees.  Find out where the drip line of trees is.  

#2 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Remove “Stuff”  and keep the weed whackers away.

What happens when trees are strangled with "stuff?"  Things wrapped around the tree's trunk is similar to your neck being strangled. You can't breathe. They can't grow. Trees not only grow UP but they grow AROUND.

# 1 Thing to Do to HELP Trees: Let them Breathe.  FILL KILLS.

You need to breathe. Trees need to breathe. They breathe in the soil, at their roots.  Volcano mulching is a big no-no.  FILL of any kind kills trees because it smothers them.